Tarot Information & History

Tarot Information & History

When most people think of Tarot, the first thing that comes to mind is usually predictions. Yet these days it is a powerful tool for self-realization as it has the ability to take us beyond into the unknown parts of ourselves through the imagines that are on the cards. Although the Tarot can be used successfully to answer some of our everyday concerns, its most valued is as a guide into our inner world of emotions and intuition. You could say that Astrology and Numerology give us an outer view of who we are where as Tarot gives us an inner view that connects us our soul.

There are 78 cards in a Tarot deck and of these, the first 22 are identified as the “Major Arcana” and the fifty-six remaining cards are called “Minor Arcana”. The Minor Arcana are divided into four suits just like a deck of ordinary playing cards. These are the Wands, Swords, Cups, Pentacles and as well there are some elements of Numerology as the cards are numbered 1 through 10 includes the Aces and Astrology: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.

Trumps Cards – shows us our hidden inner strengths and talents and it is through tapping into that deeper part of ourselves that we begin to realize that we are by far a greater person than we ever thought ourselves to be.

Court Cards – shows us our personalities, attitudes and belief systems, as the cards reflect our greatest qualities through out our life. If we approach life with an open mind, it opens the door to the many opportunities that the court cards have to offer us.

Suits Cards – offers us a look into our inner reality for they represent our thought patterns and by tapping into the imagines that are on the cards it can helps us to overcome our fears and self-doubts, for they are very effective for this purpose.

Beneath the surface

Many of us are afraid of that unknown reality which lies within each one of us the self that you are aware of only represent only one “portion” of your unconsciousness. This unknown reality is so vast that many of us will never go beyond surface of our own reality. This is because we can’t seem to separate ourselves from the reality of the ego which is the material world. Perhaps if we were honest with ourselves we would realize that most of us are afraid of our thoughts and in order to tap into this unknown reality we have to let go of any judgments of what we have come to believe about ourselves. The Tarot can help us to tap into this unknown reality through its fascinating world of images, as it takes you beyond into a different level of consciousness. The search into this unknown reality begins when you start on your own journey of self-discovery. At first, you may find it hard as your thoughts will wonder and at times, you will feel lost or confused as to what to believe. It is important to remember that self-discovery is a solo journey no one can go with you which may mean the loss of friends and family but, only on a conscious level. Many people are not aware of their higher realm of consciousness, as their lives are so full with daily living work, family, careers, that the thought of any other kind of reality doesn’t even enter their minds. The journey of self-discovery can be a lonely trip as in order to tap into this unknown reality you have to simplify your life to the point of living as a hermit for a short while or as long as it takes for you to realize vastness of your own consciousness. I am sure some of you might be thinking what the purpose of tapping into this unknown reality well it is the only way to tap into your own greatness. Most of us will not need to dig to deep to find our mission. Only those willing to journey into the vastness of their consciousness will do so, so that they themselves will have a better understanding of the oneness of all things.

The Soul

What is the purpose of our Soul? Well it may surprise some of you, but we are all here so that we can experience life in the physical form. Yet before you tap into the power of the soul, you have to acknowledge that you are a soul having a human experience and that there are no limits to your potentials. It is through our life experiences that the soul chooses and learns from which then the soul is able to advance spiritually. As we raise our level of consciousness, we get better at solving our life problems and we become a happier person. At first, it may seem hard in recognizing the nature of your unique talents and gifts, as we tend to look outside of ourselves for our life’s fulfillment which only in the end leaves us feeling more lost and unhappy. For most of us, it is only after we go through a self-awaking do we realize how short and precious our lives really are and that we came here with the intent to experience joy and happiness. Yet so often, we let our life problems burdens us to the point that it robs us of our birth right which is love of life. However once you start living your life and viewing the world, as they truly are you start to recognize the powerful divine being that you are as it will have raised your level of consciousness. A great way to start living the life you were meant to live is to repeat to yourself “I am a Soul having a human experience” and by saying these words it helps to reconnect you with your Divine Source.

Looking within you

Looking within is where you will find the truth to all that you seek yet it doesn’t occur to you until you realize the truth is within. When you do see the truth within it is only because you have chosen to change your perception of how you view your reality. You tend to believe what you see as you judge the world according to your own perception yet you can become aware of what you can’t see for you know deep down it is there. The power of choice is yours to make but you must choose one or the other if you look with in you will have decided on the higher power to be your guide and if you look out it will only lead you on an endless journey of seeking, as the truth cannot be found. Through the Tarot you will come to realize overtime that what ever you have manifested within will become your outer reality this is because you will have seen it first within. By following the guide of your inner self, you will come to learn and recognize your source by how you feel even though you cannot see your strengths you will gain confidence in the truth, as it will show by your actions which enables you to see.

Connecting with your higher-Self

When you come to understand the law of attraction, you will realize it’s no different from when you turn on your radio and deliberately tune the radio signal so that it matches the signal from the broadcasting station. So in order for you to manifest your desires you have to also to tune yourself to that frequency long enough so that you are in alignment with your desires. One of the hardest tasks for us to maintain, when it comes to manifesting our desires is keeping our thoughts on the same level vibration as our desires. This is because every thought sends out a vibrational signal and we receive back according to what we send out. The key to manifesting our desires is to pay attention to your thoughts picture yourself achieving what ever it is you desire. As you do pay attention to how you feel you will easily know if you are allowing your desires into your experience for a vibrational match is one of joy you will have good feeling thoughts. It is important to try and keep those joyous feeling for as long as you can this is because it is very easy for us to focus more on the negative aspects of our lives than the positive ones. Nothing can come into your life until you raise the level of your vibration so that the flow matches those that you desire for our lives are created through our thought process.

The Tarot can help to align us with our higher self so that we feel an oneness with all that is and in our own way each of us have to first bring a little Heaven into our lives before you can evolve spiritually.

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