Numerology History & Information

Numerology History & Information

Numerology is the science of numbers 1 through 9, includes Master Numbers 11, 22, 33, Karma 13,14,16,19 and Inner Gifts 10, 20, 30, 40. Each number uncovers the hidden meanings according to our names and date of birth. Astrology gives you an overview, Numerology gives you the details you could say it act as a road map, with all the paved roads, detours, hills, and valleys clearly marked.

Numerology is a great aid to have working for you as it helps guide you down the right path to whatever your life fulfillment may be.

Birth Path – shows you your destiny and the only choice you have in regards to your destiny is either you follow the negative or the positive of the number. This is because you can’t change the day and year you were born. To determine your Birth Path add together the number value of your month, day, and year you were born and reduce the total to a single digit. There are 9 life paths: Originality, Co-operation, Creativity, Stability, Freedom, Responsibility, Faith, Power, and Humanitarian.

Birth Date – the day you were born can tell a lot about your personality that you show to the world and it affects is most noticeable between your 26th and 53rd birthday. By understanding this vibration and their powers, you will be able to understand yourself and others around you better. To determine your birthday number if you were born between 10th and 31st reduce your day to a single: Leadership, Companionship, Communication, Hardworking, Variety, Family, Perfectionist, Good judgment, Knowledgeable.

Total Expression – the vibrations of the vowels and consonants in your Birth Name reveals the path in which you will find your success and happiness. It tells you what you must do by guiding you in the right direction so that you are able to take full advantage of the many opportunities that your Birth Path has to offer. To determine your total expression add together the letters in your full Birth Name and reduce it to a single digit. Your destiny includes all of your talents and potentials: Independence, Peacemaker, Entertainer, Teacher, Seekers, Nurturer, Educator, Businesslike, and Brother/sisterhood.

Numerology is the study of the hidden meaning of numbers and their influence on human life and has been used for over 10,000 years to accurately reveal the secrets of wealth, love, success, and one’s happiness that lie hidden within your inner-self. From your name and birthday, lies the code that will help you to unlock the secrets to who you truly are. Numerology is a wonderful tool when used wisely, as it helps you to realize your own talents and gifts. Based on your numbers it helps you to tap into your own wealth from within activating your own inner power, so that you can confidently pursue and fulfill your life mission. The accuracy of Numerology Science is amazing in its depth of detail will help you to realize your own greatness. Finding out more about yourself will enable you to develop in ways which may seem impossible before. It is through this realization that you will begin to realize that you are by far a greater person that you ever imagined yourself to be.

What does your “Name” reveal about you?

Every metaphysical science is about recognizing the hidden relationships between the visible and the invisible, the obvious and the obscure, matter, and energy. Nothing stands alone in this universe. Everything is connected to everything else. It is simply a matter of following a thread. Sometimes the connections are obvious. Sometimes they are not.

Your name given at birth reveals much about you as a human being; your personality, your likes and dislikes, your talents and your gifts may be somewhat strange on the surface, but a closer look offers a different picture.

It is through your name that it helps to chart your destiny and unlock the doors to your own potential. Actually, numerology doesn’t shower you with anything it merely points the way and guides you down the right path to your own life’s fulfillment. At times, there may be other factors to take into consideration for instance how we react to our life experiences. Our attitudes, beliefs play a large role in our lives it is only when we follow the path of the heart that we learn to steer our course towards the realization of our life’s fulfillment or our dreams.

All numbers have a positive and negative side, but the negative can be avoided by knowing what to look for you know if you are going to the beach for the day, you automatically take your sun tanning lotion with you. And it is the same with numerology if you are aligned with your soul purpose by using the positive aspects of your destiny you can not help but master your destiny.

It is always good to remember that nothing is ever taken away without being replaced when ever relationships or careers come to an end we can use that experience and understanding and apply to a better, more fruitful career or relationship. Many of us have a hard time letting go don’t waste your time in tears, recriminations, or self-pity for this is time you have given away which you will never get back and in the end it only serves to keep you from your own greatness.

Numerology is a wonderful tool if used wisely, as it helps to show us our true self that part of us that is hidden deep within us. Even if you are someone that knows what you want numerology can still provide you a quick fix of “positive thinking”. These days it is so hard to stay on the positive side of things and there is no question about the power of thought for “we are what we think” and when we think positive great things start to happen.

Life Path: Your Life Mission
Vowels: Your Heart’s Desire
Consonants: Your Personality
Whole Name: Your Keys to success
Birthday: Your Approach to Life
Karmic: Your life Lessons
Years: Your Present and Future Cycles
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Your Awakening

When you are ready, you will have this sense of knowing that there is something bigger taking place in your life than what you first believed. It can happen at any time you could be simply standing in line at a store, sitting in a traffic jam or you may wake-up one morning and all of a sudden you realize you are not who you thought you were. “This is the start of your awaking”. Upon waking, you will begin to understand your true identity and the “Miracle” that you truly are. Day after day, the fog in your mind will begin to clear and you will begin your search to remembering why you are here. Some of us may have to realize that there are no mistakes we all came here by our own free-will and choice.

In this place of our higher awareness, the mystery of life begins to disappear and your purpose in life becomes clearer though reading your Numerology chart. It is through this new awareness that you will begin see your life for the first time with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. When this happens, you will be truly amazed, at what you see happening in your life and it is only when you begin the journey of self discovery that you enter the realm of real magic. Once you discovery the magnificent being that you are your greatness will shine through you and all that you touch.

What are you focusing on?

When we focus enough energy on our ideas or dreams there’s no doubt about it we are inviting that “something” into our experience.

These days we seem to live a fast pace environment with so much going on around us that it is easy for us to lose your sense of purpose.

It is only when you are open to acceptance through understanding the Laws of the Universe that you will manifest your desires by deliberately inputting your desired thoughts in to your own data base. The data base of the mind is no different from the data base of a computer as the programs we input are according to our desires and if there is something we don’t like or want we can easily delete it from the computer. The mind works is the same way when we have undesired thoughts, we can also delete them from our minds by replacing them with positive thoughts of our desires in others words, we can reprogram our minds so that we are in aligned with the vibration of our desires.

Do not be mistaken in thinking that it is easy to reprogram the mind just think about all that stuff you have been programming into your mind over the years it may seem a bit overwhelming at first when you really start to look at your likes, dislikes, habits, beliefs, traits, the list of inputs is endless. However, by paying attention to your thought patterns that awareness alone is enough to start the gradual process in understanding the Powerful Universal Law of Attraction.

Numerology can help you to see that where you are now is where you are meant to be. On the path to your life’s fulfillment live it with your heart wide open and the universe will respond abundantly.

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