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Illiki Rai - Rising Women Magazine / Organic Lifestyles Magazine

"You are amazing maria !" l loved both of my charts so so much. l have read my charts many times and each time they inspire me that much more in following my dreams. l found my charts to be insightful and they offer a variety of interesting things to read that will help guide me in making wise choices in life. Thank-You so much Maria you did a wonderful job on my charts."
Daniella P.

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Tarot Information & History

With the Tarot Cards, the answer lays within our unconscious - that deeper level of memory that we all have. It brings out that awareness that resides within each of us, but outside of our everyday life, even though we may ignore the action of the unconscious most of the time. It still has a profound effect on every thing we do or feel.

When most people think of Tarot, the first thing that comes to mind is usually predictions. Yet these days it is a powerful tool for self-realization as it has the ability to take us beyond into the unknown parts of ourselves through the imagines that are on the cards. Although the Tarot can be used successfully to answer some of our everyday concerns, its most valued is as a guide into our inner world of emotions and intuition. You could say that Astrology and Numerology give us an outer view of who we are where as Tarot and Chakras give us an inner view that connects us our soul.

There are 78 cards in a Tarot deck and of these, the first 22 are identified as the "Major Arcana" and the fifty-six remaining cards are called "Minor Arcana". The Minor Arcana are divided into four suits just like a deck of ordinary playing cards. These are the Wands, Swords, Cups, Pentacles and as well there are some elements of Numerology as the cards are numbered 1 through 10 includes the Aces and Astrology: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.

Trumps Cards- shows us our hidden inner strengths and talents and it is through tapping into that deeper part of ourselves that we begin to realize that we are by far a greater person than we ever thought ourselves to be.

Court Cards- shows us our personalities, attitudes and belief systems, as the cards reflect our greatest qualities through out our life. If we approach life with an open mind, it opens the door to the many opportunities that the court cards have to offer us.

Suits Cards- offers us a look into our inner reality for they represent our thought patterns and by tapping into the imagines that are on the cards it can helps us to overcome our fears and self-doubts, for they are very effective for this purpose.

History of Tarot

Historical records of the Tarot Decks date back from the fourteen century, according to Tarot expert Artur E. Waite, there is no history of the Tarot prior to that date. There are many who claim that it dates back thousands of years but there is no scholarly evidence to support this view. People used the earlier tarot decks for card games and gambling from countries like the Italians, French, and Germany.

It was only from the fourteenth century onwards that the Gypsies used the Tarot Cards for fortune telling and spread the practice in their nomadic wandering throughout Europe.

To-day the Modern Tarot writers tend to focus on the use of the card for self-understanding and self-actualization.

Unlock the secrets from within

Over the years the Tarot cards has evolved into a collection of the most basic patterns of the human thought and emotions. As we look at the cards, we may feel the hidden powers from within the picture. This energy is what gives us the strength or sight into unlocking the secrets hidden within us. It can be a wonderful tool if used wisely as it give us a better understanding of ourselves in achieving our goals in life.

We all have choices in life and the choices we make do effect the quality of our lives. We are all slaves to ourselves the secret is to be the master of the slave within and not the slave being the master. We are slaves of our thoughts, actions, emotions, fears and of our habits.

By activating the powers from within by connecting to the soul and letting go of the ego identification. By surrendering ourselves to the higher power we bring out our love and compassion in what ever we are doing. This alone is a powerful tool when you are compassionate about our goals in life it gives us a natural high it's a love and this is where dreams are made as we are enlightened to the higher power from within us.

Life Paths

Life Paths

Life Paths show us are abilities our strengths and our weakness



The personality is the part of you that other see this is not the true self nor does it represent how one feels on the inside. Instead is it the outer self it is what you show the world.



The Vowels are our desires, wishes, emotions; a deeper part of who you are it is the part of you that is in the inside that the world does not see.

Whole Name

Whole Name

With every birth, a soul is born, and with this soul, there is a name. Every name given at birth contains all the tools and talent that we can use in this lifetime.

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