"Maria, I can not thank you enough for bringing Astrology into my life... it's made a big difference on many levels of my life." -Julie P Calgary

"You are amazing my Tarot chart was inspiring and uplifting... it has given me a more positive outlook on life. Thank-you so much" -Leanne F

" My chart was accurate, in both my business and personal life. I am confident in my decisions and what is happening to me now, thank you Maria!"
Maria C.

"I am very impressed with the presentation and quality of information Maria created for me in my reading. It is very indepth and I refer to it from time to time to get new insight on evolving issues happening in my life. I highly recommend Maria to anyone looking for a solid view into their past, present and future."
Illiki Rai - Rising Women Magazine / Organic Lifestyles Magazine

"You are amazing maria !" l loved both of my charts so so much. l have read my charts many times and each time they inspire me that much more in following my dreams. l found my charts to be insightful and they offer a variety of interesting things to read that will help guide me in making wise choices in life. Thank-You so much Maria you did a wonderful job on my charts."
Daniella P.

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Tarot Charts, Readings & Guides

The Tarot cards are another way of finding the answers to the many questions we all have about who we are. It gives us a look into our inner world through the numerology it can bring out our awareness into who we are. They show us our talents, traits, attitudes personality, it can show us our greatness from within as the pictures can say so much. Read more >

Tarot Chart

This 14-18 page report can help to connect you with your talents, traits, personality, and attitude. It can help to bring out your awareness that when you are inspired by any great purpose it connects you to your higher source. It is through your inspirations that you manifest your own miracles through the power of the self.

Tarot Symbol Chart

This 20-22 page report can help to connect us with our inner messages, symbols, and our higher-self. It can help to nurture our growth in discovering who we are and ultimately give us the courage in taking that one step towards our own awakening and life's fulfillment.

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Past, Present and Future

This 13-18 page report will take you on a wonderful journey by taping into your past, present, and future lives the cards will continually reveal new insight, information, and discoveries that help to align you with our hidden talents and gifts. It is through tapping into the imagines on the card that it can unlock the secrets to who you truly are.

Tarot Guidance Chart

This 18-22 page report gives you the guidance which you can use in your day-to-day life. The foundation of this chart is based on the Tarot Deck, through the cards that are drawn, it can help to answer any concerns that we may have about our finances, careers, romance, and home life.

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Tarot Reading

This Mini report helps to gives you the tools which you can use in your day-to-day life. The foundation of this mini reading is based on the Tarot Deck spread and the cards that are drawn. The spead depends on the questions of fortune, dreams, careers, yearly forecast, relationships, present concerns, Chakras, future as to the lay out of the reading.

Tarot Inner Guidance Power Guide

This monthly Tarot Inner Guidance can help to align us with our own source which will open the doors that will bring us our greatest satisfaction and our life's fulfillment.

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Tarot Monthly Inspirations Power Guide

The monthly tarot Inspiration guide can give you the tools that will help you to achieve our goals and dreams and as well answer some of those unanswered questions that we all seek.

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