"Maria, I can not thank you enough for bringing Astrology into my life... it's made a big difference on many levels of my life." -Julie P Calgary

"You are amazing my Tarot chart was inspiring and uplifting... it has given me a more positive outlook on life. Thank-you so much" -Leanne F

" My chart was accurate, in both my business and personal life. I am confident in my decisions and what is happening to me now, thank you Maria!"
Maria C.

"I am very impressed with the presentation and quality of information Maria created for me in my reading. It is very indepth and I refer to it from time to time to get new insight on evolving issues happening in my life. I highly recommend Maria to anyone looking for a solid view into their past, present and future."
Illiki Rai - Rising Women Magazine / Organic Lifestyles Magazine

"You are amazing maria !" l loved both of my charts so so much. l have read my charts many times and each time they inspire me that much more in following my dreams. l found my charts to be insightful and they offer a variety of interesting things to read that will help guide me in making wise choices in life. Thank-You so much Maria you did a wonderful job on my charts."
Daniella P.

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Tarot & Your Past, Present & Future

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The Tarot cards can take us on a wonderful journey by tapping into our past, present and future lives as the cards will continually reveal new insights, information, and discoveries that help to align us with our hidden talents and gifts. Every soul that is born on earth comes complete with everything it needs for this life time. Believe it or not you already have the innate to get the answers you seek for in you is vast universal library, that is filled with a vast store house of memories and wisdom that's from our past lives and it can be accessed by anyone who is seeking higher truths and understanding. The Tarot Cards can show us our traits, talents, personality, attitudes, and destiny not only of our present life, but also our past and future lives. Sometimes we may have to go back to our past life in order for us to become aware of our traits that we have brought with us in this life. Our future lives depends on our own self-realization as each of us unfolds according to our own inner blueprint.

By tapping into the imagines on the cards, it can help us to realize we have the power over our own lives. These days the Tarot cards are used more as a self-realization tool as the imagines and symbols can unlock our own unique awareness. It can be a wonderful tool if we used wisely as it can help to connect us with our past lives which will not only enrich our present life but also our future lives.

Life Path


Have you every wondered where your talents and gifts came from?
Many of us don't realize that who we are in this life was created through the many lives that we have lived. By tapping into the imagines on the Tarot Cards, they can help to bring out our awareness of our traits, talents, and gifts from not only our past lives, but our present and future lives as well.


Page of Cups

Our vowels show us our inner most desires and when we learn to unlock the door to our own secrets, it helps to align us with our soul's desires. It can show us our emotions, ambitions, compassion and when you discover your sacred self, you will awaken this dormant inner energy and every aspect of your life will come alive when you let it guide you through life.


The Knight of Wands

Our personality show us our likes and dislikes and when we pay attention to these traits it can show us our true self of not only our present life but also what we were like in our past lives. We show our true self when we are at ease with who we are. Many of us these days find it hard to be at ease because we are always in competition with other people egos that it covers up our true self.

Whole Name

The King of Pentacles

Our whole name shows us our natural abilities and talent that we brought with us from our past life. When we combine it with our Birth Path it show us what we must do, it is more of a guide to help us in finding our life's fulfillment. When we tap into the imagines on the Tarot Cards, it can help us to realize that we are by far a greater person than we ever thought ourselves to be.

How to work out your soul, personality, whole name

We will do Carl Ian Smith as an example:

 1  91   9  =20/2Soul 2add up the vowels
3 93  514 28=35/8Personality 8add up the consonants

To get the Whole Name we add them together: 2+8= 10/1

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
S T U V W X Y Z  

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