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Illiki Rai - Rising Women Magazine / Organic Lifestyles Magazine

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Numerology & Your Life Purpose Chart

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Numerology is a wonderful tool as it unlocks the secrets that are hidden within us bringing out our greatness from within. It is through tapping into our talents and gifts that you will begin to realize that you are by far a greater person than you ever imagine yourself to be and it is through this awareness that you will see yourself creating your own miracles through the power of the self.

Our Life Purpose

Why is life? Many of us may find this hard to believe, but all of us have come here with either a mission or a duty to fulfill and as we go about our busy lives sometimes, it reaches out to us, sending us messages through our dreams, intuitions, and innermost longings. The call of our destiny manifests as our deepest drives and abilities that hidden force behind our personality. These drives can shape our careers, our relationships, and influence the quality and direction of our life. There may be things in our lives that at the time, we may question or wonder why and only until we go through them do we understand hidden force behind them.

Earth is our classroom and in order for us to advance spiritually, we must evolve to the point where each situation or what ever comes our way is greeted with love/compassion/gratitude/joy and without any degree of fear/anger/self-pity or any negativity. We have to awaken to who we truly are and to realize that, one creates their own reality through their own power of choice.

Life Path

Some numerologists believe that our Birth Path is the most important number in our chart. As it's the first number on our chart and all the other numbers follow down the list. Our Birth Number shows us our abilities and talents that we brought with us. It gives us our source of inner power and energy so that we can fulfill our mission in life. This inner power is also, what drives us in mastering ourselves in bringing out our greatness from within.

  • Life Path 1: leadership, independences
  • Life Path 2: patience, diplomacy
  • Life Path 3: joy, self-expression
  • Life Path 4: worker, loyalty
  • Life Path 5: freedom, adaptability
  • Life Path 6: family, counselor
  • Life Path 7: wisdom, faith
  • Life Path 8: power, business
  • Life Path 9: compassion, humanitarian
  • Life Path 11: spiritual, intuitive
  • Life Path 22: master builder, spiritual

To find your life path you must reduce your birth number to a single digit by adding your month, day, and year.

For example your birthday is June 15, 1955. June is the 6th month of the year so you would use the number 6, then add the day 1 + 5 = 6, then add the year 1955 = 20 you would then add the numbers 6 + 6 + 20 = 32 then add the total number together to get your result, the result would be 5

Try it yourself. What Life Path are you?

Power of the name

Every soul that comes to earth is born with a name and it contains all the tools, talents, and gifts that we need to fulfill our mission in life. Each person has their own fingerprint of natural rhythm through the vibrations of their names. When you learn to acknowledge and follow your own soul journey, you will discover the hidden wisdom and knowledge within your name. It is through this realization that you will start to create only the best for yourself by aligning yourself with your own unique talents, gifts, and abilities.

Life Path Talents
Soul The Inner You
Personality The Outer You
Whole Name Our Destiny

How to work out your soul, personality, whole name

We will do Marie Grace Smith as an example:

  1   9 5       1   5       9     = 30/3 Vowels
M A R I E   G R A C E   S M I T H  
4   9       7 9   3     1 4   2 8 = 47/11/2 Consonants

To get the Whole Name we add them together: 3+2= 5

1 2 3   4 5 6   7 8 9
A B C   D E F   G H I
J K L   M N O   P Q R
S T U   V W X   Y Z  


In Numerology, it is felt that human goes though a series of incarnation at the end of them all we will be ready to use all the knowledge that we gained in the service of the soul. Our soul represents who we are on the inside, meaning our spirit, it is not who we are on the outside meaning our personality, or one could say the part we show the world. Our soul is the energy of our essence or more simply our "true" self. This part of us exists outside of and apart from the body. It is this element of ourselves that we bring to our human experiences and at the same time reflects those experiences back into each new personality we take on. Through the many incarnation or life experiences, we have lived and how we've chosen to incorporate the lessons of those experiences may reflect the soul's maturity. The ancient Egyptians said that to begin to understand the soul, one must listen to the heart.


Each and everyone one of us has the ability to consciously connect with our soul sensitivity for its one of the ways that our higher self tries to guide us so that we are able to align yourselves with our life purpose or mission. It is important to remember that developing our intuitions comes with belief that our gifts and wisdom are within us. Most of us make the mistake by following influences of the outside world instead of listening to our intuitions. The way it works is that more you believe in the power of the self the more you recognize and follow your own inner wisdom and knowledge.


When you don't know the laws of life, it is easy to break them and as you break these laws, the law of cause and effect says, "You must pay for them." Many of us are unaware that we create our own karma through our own thoughts and deeds. It is very common for us these days to blame our misfortunes on someone else or maybe you may feel that life has dealt you a bad hand. Our human nature tells us to point the finger at anyone or anything except ourselves in taking responsibility for our own lives. We create our karma by our greed, anger, lust, attachment, and as well the ego. This is the cause our karma and there are a lot of us that don't understand it effect as it may take years, weeks, days, before we see the results of our actions. The universe is in no hurry to collect for the debts that we have created because the universe also sends opportunities so that we can balance the scale. Until we realize that karma is justice, we will not understand the words of "you reap what you sow" or "you get what you earn" and this applies to our past, present, and future deeds.

Click here to view a sample Life Purpose chart.

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