"Maria, I can not thank you enough for bringing Astrology into my life... it's made a big difference on many levels of my life." -Julie P Calgary

"You are amazing my Tarot chart was inspiring and uplifting... it has given me a more positive outlook on life. Thank-you so much" -Leanne F

" My chart was accurate, in both my business and personal life. I am confident in my decisions and what is happening to me now, thank you Maria!"
Maria C.

"I am very impressed with the presentation and quality of information Maria created for me in my reading. It is very indepth and I refer to it from time to time to get new insight on evolving issues happening in my life. I highly recommend Maria to anyone looking for a solid view into their past, present and future."
Illiki Rai - Rising Women Magazine / Organic Lifestyles Magazine

"You are amazing maria !" l loved both of my charts so so much. l have read my charts many times and each time they inspire me that much more in following my dreams. l found my charts to be insightful and they offer a variety of interesting things to read that will help guide me in making wise choices in life. Thank-You so much Maria you did a wonderful job on my charts."
Daniella P.

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Astrology Profiles, Readings & Guides

Self-discovery is one of the greatest gifts that astrology can offer. As we travel through life it may involve taking risks in order for us to advance spiritually. Astrology can help us look beyond our life situations to the hidden gifts that are in each of us. As you read your astrology chart you will notice that in everyday and in everyway you are getting better and better as each day passes. Your unique talents and gifts could easily be turned into professional success and abundance. Read more about astrology.

Astrology Profiles

This 22-25 page report will take you on a wonderful journey through the zodiac positions of your planets along with the house cups for your birth moment. It can also help to show you your talents and gifts, so that you are able to take full advantage of the many opportunities that life has to offer you.

Astrology Past Lives

This 20-23 page report is a blue print of our previous incarnation. Our past lives are alive and well within our unconsciousness. It will take you on an enjoyable ride into your past instincts and thought patterns and as well it will help to activate your hidden knowledge into your past loves, creative pursuits, highs and lows over the many lives you have lived.

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Your Spiritual Path

This 20- 23 page report is one that allows you to use your natural talents and skills. Sometimes your latent abilities will require training and practice to develop into spiritual tools. In this report we will consider a number of possibilities to help you get a sense of your talents, and how to develop and use them.

Astrology Compatibility

This 17-19 page report is the gate way into understanding not only your own strengths and weakness, but also your partners. It is through the encouragement of cultivating positive and harmonious relationships that the connection between you keeps growing and through the high and lows, you learn to recognize each other's greatness.

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For the Modern Women

This 24-27 page report provides an amazing guideposts to the most important aspect of your life. As a women today, you face the challenge of discovering yourself within the context of many life experinces. It is through your own self-discovery that you will begin to understand you own personal power.

Astrology Forecast

This report will help guide to from where you are to where you are headed. Knowing the positions of the planets/ houses is of great value, it gives you the tools so that you are able to plan at the right time in order to achieve your goals and dreams.

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